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Keyboard art


So as my husband john will tell you, being a creative person means I also possess a few hoarding tendencies. I see the potential in egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and things like old keyboards. I save stuff because I see the potential!
So, instead of throwing out old keyboards, I thought they could be used for something….then I came up with an idea for the computer lab at school… Why not make some artwork out of them? So, I used a butter knife to pop off all of the keys on the keyboard, found an old, ugly frame, painted it and then got out my glue gun…but then I realized that I needed more keyboards! So I put an ad on Freecycle. For those people who do not know Freecycle, it is great! It is a website where you can post looking for things, or offering things. It’s a great alternative to throwing things out, because there are always people like me who save stuff!
Sorry i dont have any pictures of the work in progress, but i made it before starting my blog, and the steps are pretty simple. Here is the finished product…


That piece took eight keyboards to make! The cool thing is you can also make smaller versions, and you can make personalized frames…why not spell out someone’s name or a message? So cute!