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Rosy valentine cupcakes


Last year, In my son’s class, he was assigned, “juice boxes” for the class valentine’s class party. Obviously, I was upset that we were given such a simple task, I mean how can you possibly be creative with juice boxes? So, when the Valentine’s party list came out this year, you can imagine my excitement when we were assigned the sweet treats portion of the snacks! Yahoo! So after hours and hours of careful research… This is what I came up with:

20120213-203923.jpg Believe it or not, the roses are made of fruit roll ups and the leaves are made from wine gums.
I started with two boxes of fruit roll ups, and minus what the kids and I ate, the two boxes made enough to decorate 28 cupcakes.

20120213-204738.jpg After making over 70 roses, I learned a few tricks. Begin by unrolling the whole fruit roll up. If you divide the roll up into thirds, that length seemed to make the best roses. Use a pair of scissors to cut the roll down the middle in a wavy line. You can use the two halves to make two roses.

20120213-205921.jpg Start with one end and roll the fruit roll up in your hands.

20120213-210241.jpg I discovered that this step is made a lot easier if you make the roll up a little bit sticky by dipping the tip of your fingers in a little apple juice, and rubbing it along the bottom edge. The first picture below is the plain roll, and the second picture below is the same roll after I spread out the petals a little. It takes a bit of practice, but if you carefully stretch the petals out, it makes a big difference in the final rose.


20120213-210823.jpg The kids were able to help with the rolling part, but spreading the petals was a little more difficult and tended to rip the petals a little.

I made vanilla cupcakes, but decided to add a little red food colouring to make the cupcakes pink.

I used a piping bag, and icing tip to ice the cupcakes with a butter cream icing.

Then, I added two or three small roses to each cupcake.

To make the leaves, I just used scissors to cut up wine gums. I chose wine gums because I liked the green colour. All of the other green candies I could find were lime or apple green. So, I stuck a leaf on each cupcake, then added a love heart.



At the bulk food store, I was so excited to see that they sold cupcake boxes. Which is great, because I could see the cupcakes being in a big pile by the time they got to school!

Have a delicious valentines day!