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Sorry I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately, I have been so busy at work the past few months, I just haven’t had the time to make stuff and write about it… So I have a whole bunch of projects to catch up on sharing! Now that we are on summer break, I can finally take a step back and breathe, do some crafts, and then actually write about them. I love being a teacher, especially in July and August! 

Ok, I am the first one to admit that I am not a gardener! I basically buy a bunch of perennials I like in the spring, I plant them and keep my fingers crossed. Sometimes it grows, sometimes it doesn’t. Then, when stuff starts growing the next spring, I never know if I should pull it out, or let it grow… So I let it grow, as you can tell by this photo I took of our garden last fall (below), I should probably not do that. And, Yes, that is broccoli growing in the middle of the garden bed below! By the time I figured out it was broccoli, I figured I might as well let it grow…and maybe we could eat it.  

What a mess šŸ˜¦  I wish I could say that the rest of the backyard was way better, but nope. It was pretty overgrown too. 

So as you can see, everything had grown on top of everything else, and by the end, I had no idea what I had actually bought, and what was weeds. So, I decided to start from scratch this spring. I pulled everything out, except the plants I was sure about. I spread thing out so they have more room, and we unloaded a trunkful of topsoil a couple weeks ago. So, here’s what it looks like now…

  The ferns are from my grandmothers garden…and the forget me nots were so pretty, I decided to let them take over a little. 
Here is the side gardens in the backyard…it is not a good picture, but this garden is my favourite.


And here is the side garden.
 And the front of our house…
I even got my vegetable garden planted down the side pathway, in front of the arbour my brother made. John and I (and my younger brother and wife) were married under it. 


So, bring it on, I’m ready for summer, and I am ready to pull out whatever starts growing that I don’t recognize… Including broccoli! 

Here is a better pic of our whole backyard…


The picture below is what our backyard looked like when we first moved in…. It looks a lot different now!


And here is John and Dylan at the front of our house… It was pretty overgrown there too! 
Anyways, it has been a couple weeks since I have taken the photos, and I already notice a difference, but I am determined to keep things under control this year! I’ll keep you posted…

Spooning in the garden!


I couldn’t believe my luck last when we went to a garage sale and found a pile of old, tarnished silver cutleryI picked out all of the spoons and a few forks. The best part is paid two dollars for all of it!
I have seen spoons and forks in the garden and have been dying to make them ever since I ordered a set of metal stamps on line, but the problem is that i have tried, and the stamps don’t really work on the hard stainless steel of regular cutlery, or even on cheap cutlery, so you have to use silver, or silver plated, but I didn’t have any…until now! I know, I know, what kind of person gets excited about finding old tarnished spoons at a garage sale? The guy selling them to me thought I was crazy (and so did John when I got home…lol)
When it comes to my garden, I will be the first to admit that I do not have a green thumb, so I figure that whatever features I add like painted rocks, figurines, and plant markers, will take the focus off of the actual plants! Right? The more colorful and interesting stuff I add, the less people look at the actual plants…
Anyways, here are my treasures…

I started by trying to hammer the spoons flat. I found that using a wooden board underneath created the least amount of scratches.

I hammered a few flat…

My plan was to hammer the names of plants into the spoons, but when I got my stamps next to my spoons,I realized that my stamps were way too big to fit more than a four or five letter word on each spoon. So my plan of stamping zucchini, and cucumber, or even tomato were not going to work. So, I decided to put short simple words like, love, hope, be happy etc.

When I started to try to hammer the stamps, I realized that this hammering needed to be done on a harder surface, so I put the spoons on top of brick to hammer.
I hammered in the letters…

Then used a black sharpie to trace over each letter…

And then used a damp Kleenex to wipe off the sharpie, leaving the black ink in the cracks…

Then tried to find a place in the garden to put them…they look cut in the middle of some ground cover…

But, they are also cute to fill in space where there aren’t plants growing!

I still have a pile of knives… They might even be long enough to stamp labels for my vegetables… Hopefully I will get some time to try this week!