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DIY – Monster House


I know Halloween is over, but now is the perfect time to start planning for next year, so I thought I would share this with you!
I saw this picture on pinterest and I loved the idea…Sorry, I will look for the link, but I only saved the picture…I will try to find it to give the author/artist credit…

Anyways, every year I always try to improve on my decorating, at work and at home. So this year, I thought I would turn our porch into a monster.
I dug up a few old scraps of Masonite (the best way I can describe Masonite is like a combination between cardboard and particle board.)

I traced out a simple eye outline, then cut it out using my jig saw…


Then I traced out a few teeth, and cut them out. I cut out two incisors that were a little bigger, and four smaller teeth.

I am not sure if my blade was dull, or this just happens when you cut masonite, but the edges were really rough, so I used a sanding sponge to round and smooth the edges. It was really easy to sand, and really easy to cut. I have to remember this when I am making stuff for my library.
Anyways, I sanded…

Then I spray-painted everything white. I used spray paint because I thought it would dry faster than paint, because I am not a big fan of watching paint dry! lol


Then, I painted two semi circles for the irises of the eyes. I found green paint, so I used green!

Then I added the pupils in the middle. Here’s a trick for drawing the iris and the pupil… don’t draw them too big, take a look in the mirror to see how much space in your eyeball they actually take up. Also, make sure both lines are parallel, the pupil is always in the exact center of the eye/eye ball.

Then, I wanted to make it really spooky, so I thought a few veins popping out would do the trick. And, who better to draw bulging, pulsing veins in my evil eyes, than my children! So I drew the lines in pencil and they traced over them in Sharpie…


Now, I wish I could tell you that I put them aside, and let them dry for a few hours, but I didn’t. It was a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon, and I knew if I didn’t get them up soon, it would never happen. So, I duct taped a coat hanger to the back of each eye, then hooked the coat hanger around a spindle on the balcony. The angle that you hang the eyes here is really important. To make the eyes look really mad, or evil, slant them down in the center. Take a look at how mad these eyes look in the grass!

To hang the teeth up, I just duct taped them to the balcony with white duct tape. If I only had one thing to take on a deserted island, I would take a roll of duct tape….I love that stuff! So, here is what my nice friendly balcony looked like before…

And here is what it looked like as an evil monster…

If you live any where near me, our house would have been easy to pick out. Here is the rest of our front lawn…



Happy early Halloween!

How to make a ten foot spiderweb


I will be the first to admit, that for Halloween, I do get a little carried away with the costumes, and the decorating…but I do it all for the kids…right? Anyways, a few years ago I bought a few boxes of Halloween on Craigslist, and since then we have put up a display on our front lawn. We have a grave yard, skeletons hanging from the trees, rats and pumpkins all over, (just wait until we get the fog machine going!) and my favourite, the giant spider web.
Here is how we put it together…
First, we have to pick a good spot. We have tried a few different places, but this year we are going to put it close to the house.

You need string, scissors, tent pegs and a hammer…

Start by stringing the supports, I just made a loop at the ends and hooked them around a branch or twig. I hammered the other end into the ground using one of the tent pegs.

To make the rest of the structure of the web, attach two more support webs, so that the frame of the web is secure. I tied a few knots in the middle to hold everything in place.

Then start weaving the web, start from the outside , and weave the string in a circle working your way towards the middle. I tied a couple knots as the sting passed by each support.

Once you have gone all the way around the outside, move in and keep going around. The trick is to leave yourself enough string to get to the center.

And repeat going around in circles, tying knots until you get into the middle. I had to loosen a few knows and slide the string in a bit to reach the center.


All it needs now is a nice big spider! I decided to attach the spider to the house this year, just because it shows a lot more from the street.


Here is our finished grave yard…you can see the web in the background. I will post some more photos of our decorations later…happy thanksgiving to everyone in Canada!