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Rapini with Garlic and Spaghetti


This is a meal that we frequently eat because it is healthy, quick, easy and cheap. John makes it for us all of the time, so I have to give him full credit for this post…All you need is spaghetti noodles, and rapini, and a bit of olive oil and garlic. You could also use spinach, or broccoli too.
Start by boiling two pots of water. While you are waiting for the water to boil, wash the rapini, and cut it into bite size size pieces. When the water has boiled, toss in the pasta, and rapini.

In the case of rapini, I wouldn’t recommend cooking it with the pasta because the pasta will absorb the bitter taste of the rapini, but maybe you could use the same pot if you were cooking brocolli…not sure.
Anyways, when both have finished cooking, John said to let them both sit in a strainer or colander for a few minutes to make sure all of the water is drained.
While you are waiting for them to drain, pour a couple tablespoons of olive oil in one of the pots (I am all about saving dishes here) and lightly toast some garlic. Be sure not to turn the heat up too high here, there is nothing worse than the taste and smell of burnt garlic.


After the garlic as toasted, then mix in the pasta and rapini all together.

And, serve into bowls. This seriously takes about as much time and effort as a box of Macaroni and cheese…and it can’t be too hard if John can do it…right?? Just joking, John is actually a pretty good cook.



And, it tastes amazing with some freshly grated parmesan cheese!

Thanks John, for the dinner, and being such an amazing husband! 🙂