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Healthy granola and rice crispy square hybrid squares…yum.


If a rice crispie square had a baby with a chocolate granola bar, it would taste like these bars! Yummy!

I have always been good at rationalizing my food choices. For example, if I eat an organic salad with homemade balsamic dressing for lunch, it’s ok if I eat McDonald’s for dinner, because it balances out… Right?
You can look at these bars with the same logic, they are made with a little brown sugar, honey, organic oats, hemp hearts, and flax seeds… And that balances out the fact that I also added butter, rice crispies, chocolate chips, and marshmallows…right?
Well, they have got to be a little bit better for you than plain rice crispie squares! That’s the way I see it! Let’s call it optimism!

To make these, I started by melting a couple tablespoons of butter along with brown sugar and honey.

Once that had melted a little, I added the marshmallows…

I stirred until everything melted, then I added the oats, hemp, flaxseed, and rice crispies. I added a few tablespoons at a time until it became very hard to stir…

Then, I let it sit for a minute and lined a pan with waxed paper. Then I mixed in a couple handfuls of chocolate chips, and quickly poured it into a pan before the chocolate chips could totally melt…

And I packed down the mixture in the pan with my hands (greased up with a little butter first)

Finally, I picked up the wax paper to take them out of the pan, and cut them into squares, while they were still soft and warm.

Then I let them cool…

Mmmmmmm… And the best part is they are fifty percent guilt free! Lol.


Crunchy Kale Chips!


My kids are pretty good at eating their vegetables, we regularly eat vegetables like spinach, and broccoli. We do our best to eat healthy most of the time… That way when we do have pizza for dinner, we don’t feel quite so guilty…. Anyways, for a while last year, we had an organic box delivered with produce grown locally. It was fun over the summer because every week was a surprise. We were delivered vegetables we don’t normally have like, kale. I have read about the health benefits of kale, but I have to say, it really isn’t the tastiest of vegetables. So, when I found this recipe, I thought I’d try it out. It turns out that the kids love it!
Basically, you take a bunch of kale, and start by washing it thoroughly…

Pull the kale apart, to take out the vein in the middle because it is a little tough….

Then rip it into smaller pieces and spread it out on a cookie sheet. Season with oil and salt. I put a generous amount of both oil and salt… It’s kale…something has to make it taste good, right?

Cook at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. I check it and mix it around every five minutes. It will shrink down in size considerably when it is done. You will know when it is done because it becomes very crunchy.

I add a little more salt to taste when it comes out of the oven if needed. You can eat the kale as is, but after a couple mouthfuls, it gets really dry. So we tend to eat it with something else, like with our dinner, but the kids will eat it alone. I also like it as a topping on potatoes, salad, or meat.

Here is my summary