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There’s “snow” ice cream like Snow Ice Cream!



Now, I am the last person to ever get excited to see snow… But I have been waiting all winter to try this out! So I have to say that when I saw the snow tonight, I got a little excited… (especially when I know it’s going to warm up and melt tomorrow!)
I found a couple snow ice cream recipes on-line one night when I was aimlessly surfing for something, probably totally unrelated, but I have been holding onto the idea of snow ice cream ever since. So, for the last couple of weeks, I keep putting bowls and pans outside in hopes of catching a little snow, but instead I have been dumping out water and scraping out ice… What a winter!
As you can see, I put out a few containers as soon as I saw the snow tonight. This is a much cleaner option than trying to scoop a layer of clean snow from the ground. The metal bowl is also great, because it keeps the ice cream cold.
We started with five ingredients; snow, milk, vanilla, condensed milk, and sugar

Once I had all of the ingredients ready to go, I brought two of the bowls of snow inside, it takes a lot of snow to make a little bit of ice cream!

I started by adding about 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and about 1/2 cup of milk.

The kids loved helping to stir, but we had to work quickly! Then we added about 1/4 cup of condensed milk. I didn’t end up adding any additional sugar, the condensed milk was sweet enough.

It was pretty cool how quickly it froze and turned into an ice cream consistency!

We of course had to sample it, just to make sure it tasted good and we had the right ingredients… I think it passed the taste test!

So, we tried another batch! This, time we added a little chocolate syrup to make chocolate ice cream! I think the next time I make chocolate ice cream, I will add a little less condensed milk, and a little more chocolate.


So, then I started thinking… My baileys recipe would make amazing ice cream! (i think i posted the recipe on new years) So I made us a special baileys blend of snow ice cream for after the kids are in bed!

We had so much fun making this, it was quick, easy, and the kids loved it! And, the Bailey’s ice cream is amazing!

I have to say that tonight I am looking at snow in a much more positive light…Maybe it’s the Bailey’s talking, I did have a second bowl!