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Emoji Easter eggs

Emoji Easter eggs

Every year, I try out a new idea for Easter eggs, 😄 and I came across this one on Pinterest, (I think) and I couldn’t resist! My daughter Sam, is all over any excuse to use emojis… 😜😣😫😬😖😲😤😇 look, I even have them installed on my iPad keyboard.

Here is the original post….Link to Egg tutorial

Sam had a friend over, so when I showed them the above picture,they instantly jumped at the idea. 😛

So, we started with some paper, I had them look online to find some Emojis, and sketch out a few ideas.

Luckily, every year starting in February, I start saving eggs. Instead of cracking them, Using a skewer, I poke a hole in the top and bottom, and blow out the yolks, 😮 so i had a few eggs on hand. I figure if we are going to go to the trouble of decorating the eggs,we might as well keep them. 

The original post said to pain the eggs with acrylic paint, 😴  but we decided to simplify the idea a little, and we used food colouring to colour the eggs. The simplest way I have seen to dye eggs is to pop them into a sandwich bag, and add a few drops of food colouring, and rub around. It worked pretty well, much less mess than paint, I am sure!  😥

We had to let the eggs dry for a little bit until the food colouring was dry. 😴Then, the girls sketched their designs in pencil and traced over them in Sharpie markers…man, what can’t you do with sharpies? 👍

Anyways, here are the end results….really cute! 👏😄😋😆😊

I almost forgot to mention that they are double sided! We drew two different faces on each egg. The girls just picked the side they liked the best for the photos. 😉