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A Dresser Re-Dressed


I promise (I think) this is going to be the last cupcake thing I make for a long time! I just have the curtains and headboard left to do in Samantha’s room… And no cupcakes planned for either one of those projects.
Here is the story of the cupcake dressers…When we bought the white dressers that are in Samantha’s room now, they were actually bought to match with a jungle mural that I painted in Dylan’s room before he was born, so even though they are just a plain old Ikea white, they could use some updating. Here is the finished dresser:

Here is what they looked like before…sorry, it’s the best picture I could find…Hey, like I said, they are Ikea, use your imagination!

The first step in the dresser transformation was to change the trim to black. I didn’t want to paint, because it would be impossible to make the lines look neat and clean. Also, I didn’t want anything to be permanent – who knows, maybe she will want to redecorate again in the next couple of years (I can only hope! Lol) So, I used a plain black fabric tape I bought a Curry’s. I just taped all of the edges where the wood was exposed.


Then, I decided to replace the knobs. I found some porcelain knobs at Home Depot for a couple dollars each. I used the Porcelaine brand of porcelain paint to paint them. I started with adding a cloud of light pink on each knob to make the cupcake top.

Then, I painted around the cupcake tops with a darker pink, and left a rectangle at the bottom white.

I used my black paint pen to outline the cupcakes…

Then, added the detail for the cupcake bottoms…

Outlined the cherries, and added a few swirls to the cupcake tops….


I waited 24 hours for the paint to dry, cooked it in the oven for 1/2 hour (as per the instructions on the Porcelaine paint bottle, because I always read the instructions.) then I removed the old knobs, and attached the the new ones.


All done! This weekend I am going to work on her curtains.