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Dream Catcher with a Modern Twist and a Little Bling-Bling

Dream Catcher with a Modern Twist and a Little Bling-Bling

I volunteer as the leader for the Girl Guides with Samantha every Wednesday night, so some of the crafts we try out at home, we do with the Brownies after. In this case, I wanted to make a sample to show the Brownies. I thought it would be fun to make dream catchers, but I also thought that they would be cuter if we updated the idea a little, and gave them a little sparkle!
To make a “modern dream catcher”, you need some yarn, a metal hoop, a few rhinestones and feathers.
I started with a full ball of yarn, I didn’t cut it because I didn’t want a knot in the middle, but tying it is not a problem if you need to. The first step is to cover the outside of the hoop with the yarn. Basically, you are just tying a knot around the hoop. Do this by bringing the yarn across the loop…

Then, bring the end through the middle and pull tight.

Repeat tying all the way around until the metal hoop is totally covered with yarn.

After covering the entire ring, I decided to attach a loop to hang it from, so I made a braided cord by making a loop, like a slip knot. You make a loop, then pull another loop through the loop, and pull it tight, and repeat until it is the length you want.

Then, to make the inside of the dreamcatcher, you loop the yarn the same way as you did around the outside. The trick is to evenly space the loops, and pull tight.

Then pull each loop tight…and keep looping around the center of each string.

And keep going around…

Until you get to the middle, then tie a knot…

Then, I tied on a few feathers to the end of the yarn.

Then I glued on a few rhinestones with a hot glue gun.

All done!



Grass heads!


So, I made it through the week…i haven’t been feeling too well because I have had a headache for five days now… But I went to the chiropractor this afternoon, and since then, my headache is much better, and I had a little extra energy… So here is what we did tonight…
Most of the time I am sharing my personal projects and family crafts, but now that I am back at work, I might share some of my school crafts too. My kids have the pleasure of not only participating in family crafts, but they often help me get things ready for school too.
Today we worked on making grass heads!

I will have to post a picture in a week, when the grass has sprouted, they look a whole lot better with grass!
I bought everything to make 20 grass heads at the dollar store for about $20.00. My shopping list was; nylon stockings, soil, grass seed, small hair elastics, google eyes, pipe cleaners, and plastic cups.

The first step is to fill the nylon stockings with about 2-3 teaspoons of grass seed first, then about a cup and a half of soil. Sam helped me discover that this is a very messy job (once again, I am so lucky to have extra help!) so, after we cleaned up all of the soil from the floor, we stretched the nylons over a plastic yogurt container. This was much neater, and much easier to fill!


After we filled the stockings, we found that we had to pack them like a snowball to compact all of the soil. Then, we picked a side for the face and pinched a little of the soil for the nose, and wrapped it with an elastic band.


After we had done this 20 times (I had to make 20 for school), we were ready to decorate the faces. I purposely made the noses different sizes and shapes because I want the finished heads to have different personalities.

Next step is to glue on the eyes. I think the only glue that would hold and dry with all of the moisture is hot glue. I don’t know what I would do without my hot glue gun!

Once again as you can see in the photo, I purposely used different sizes of eyes and positioned, and spaced the eyes in different places so they all looked different. Sam expressed her concern that they all looked like boys, and there were no girls, so we added some eyelashes using bugle beads, earrings, and hair bows. For most of the mouths, I clipped pieces of pipe cleaners and glued everything with my hot glue gun.
The reason I wanted to make these heads is because it is national family literacy day next week. What do grass heads and literacy day have to do with each other? The idea I had was that throughout the week, the younger kids would be able to sit beside the grass head, read to it and watch the grass grow…. Last year I sent a fish around to visit the classes so the kids could read to it and the kids loved it, so I figured why not read to a plant?
When i deliver these guys (and girls) to the classes, I wrote a letter for the teacher to the teachers and made a folded card that will sit beside them in the classroom. I’m not sure if you can read it or not, but here’s a picture.

And here is the picture again that shows the heads fully decorated. I will post another picture next week, when they have some hair!



Pimping out a mirror


Ok, so it’s Sunday, which means we have a little bit of spare time….which means, it’s craft time!

So, one of Sam’s favourite things to do is to look in the mirror… So why not make her mirror a little nicer?
We are using a plain full length mirror (this one was actually left in her room by the previous owners of the house), we bought some plastic flowers at the dollar store (I spent $8 on 8 bunches…I’ll let you know how many we actually needed) and a regular glue gun.

Sam and Dylan helped out by pulling all of the heads off of the flowers.

Then we pulled apart the flowers….

I clipped off the “stems” from the middle of the flowers, so that when I glued the flowers on the frame, they would lay flat.

Because there was nothing holding the flowers together now, because i chopped off the “stems”, I added a little bit of hot glue between each layer of the flower, then glued them around the perimeter of the frame. It took five of the bunches of flowers to cover the who.e frame.

Then, I used some of the leaves to glue in between the flowers to cover where the frame was showing through.


As you can see, she has been using it already! I am looking forward to seeing it up in her room.