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A sucker for Valentine’s

A sucker for Valentine’s

So, as you know, it’s Valentine’s day coming up soon… so it’s time for us to start thinking about making cards for the kids in Sam and Dylan’s classes. They are still at an age where they give every kid in the class a valentine. The way it normally works is that we start way early (like now), half finish, and then have finish making the last half in a panic on the night of February 13th. This year, we will probably follow the same pattern.
I found a few examples of cards that I liked. The kids like giving a treat out with their cards, and I thought that making the candy a part of the card was a cool idea. Here are a few I saw on Pinterest.



I thought, no problem, we can do that!
So, we set up a photographic backdrop in our studio… ok fine, I taped up some extra fabric on the kitchen cupboards, and grabbed an extra lamp from the livingroom…

While I was taping the fabric up, Sam ran upstairs to find herself a Valentine’s day outfit (had to be a dress, pink and have hearts on it). Then, she posed and I took some pictures. I had Sam put her arm towards the camera and make a fist. I tried to frame it so that there was some empty space at the top of the picture so there was room for the lollipop and writing. This was the photo we picked…

Then, I added the text, “Don’t be a sucker…be my valentine!” and I added few hearts using an app on my ipad (it’s called, pic collage).

I printed one picture out on our printer as a sample, but I will probably send the rest to costco because there are about 25 kids in her class.
All I needed to do was cut a couple slits above and below her hand using an exacto knife.

Then, slip in the lollipop sticks, and we’re done!

I think it turned out really well!
Dylan wants to make a card too, but he’s not crazy about all of the pink…so we will have to come up with something more “manly”….don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!