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Huggable shirt Pillow!


Someone posted these pillows online a while ago, and the first thing that popped into my head was, “I can make that!” What a great idea!  But, then again, that’s what I think about most things I see… I just never get around to making a lot of them lol. 

I actually did make this pillow over the summer, but I’m going to try to catch up on some of my projects I have been meaning to share. I am behind quite a bit on projects I have done, but haven’t written about yet. I have some great recipes, and projects to share… I also redecorated my front room over the holidays… Wait until you see my new craft room! 

Back to my post… Here are the pillows that I saw…


After my dad passed away, I asked my mom to save some of his favourite shirts for me. I have used them to make each of my brothers’ kids a baby quilt… That is five quilts now… I’m a little worried that I am running out of scraps. If there are any more babies in the family, I might be in trouble! 

 I did however save one of my dad’s favourite shirts for a special project, his jean shirt.  

I started by just folding it to see what size pillow I could make. I used a pillow form as a guide for the size. You could either make the pillow to the size of a pillow form or existing pillow, or you could just stuff it with cotton batting.

Then I cut off the arms at the shoulder seams.   

I folded the shirt, and cut across the top, right at the seam at the back.  

And I trimmed the sides so they were straight. Now, when I say straight, I didn’t actually use a ruler, sometimes our hardwood floor is a good guide to cut a straight line…   

One I had the outline cut, and somewhat square looking, I took a scrap of white fabric, and used my fancy lettering stitch on my sewing machine, to sew the below quote. Then, I pressed the seams in, and I sewed around the perimeter of the quote to attach it to the shirt.  

I turned both sides of the pillow around so the wrong sides were facing in, and I pinned around the edges.  

Next, I sewed all around the entire perimeter, leaving about a centimetre seam allowance, and clipped the corners. I didn’t even have to leave an opening because of the buttons at the front. To stuff it, all I had to do was undo the buttons, and slip in the pillow form.

And here is the final product!   

I thought it turned out well. I still have the scraps such as the side seams, collar and arms… I never know when im going to come across another fantastic idea that I know I can make! I promise, I will share it with you if and when I do. 🙂 

Have a great night!