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Encyclopedia daisies


So, in my continued quest to find a use for all of my old encyclopedias, I have just about finished my reycyled flower arrangements for the tables in the library…
Today’s project is how to make encyclopedia daisies.
You need the following materials:
2 sheets of recycled paper
Masking tape (coloured masking tape is the best)
A stick such as a BBQ skewer

The first thing I did was cut the paper. For the center of the flower I cut a narrow strip, and folded it in half so it was about an inch or 2cm wide. Then I notched the opposite side to the fold with a whole bunch of cuts…like this…

Then, to make the petals I cut a strip a little wider, and folded it in half, so it was about 2-3 inches wide. Into the second strip, I also made cuts, but I rounded the edge of one side to make it look like the petals on a daisy. See the picture below of the two parts.

I cut both petals on the folds to make two separate strips.

Then, I used a piece of masking tape to begin rolling the center of the daisy onto the stem, or BBQ skewer…

I rolled both pieces of the center in the same way, then I wrapped the petals


At this point, I like to wrap the stem too, to secure everything in place. Once again, I am just using the same black masking tape… I wish I had green masking tape right now!

The final step is what I call “fluffing”. Basically, you just very gently bend the petals out. For this flower, I very gently use the blade of the scissors, the same way as you would curl ribbon… But you have to be very careful not to rip the petals. Be careful. This gives the daisy a more realistic look, I think. But, your fingernail works too…
Here what the daisy looks like finished…



I’ll post again with the vases I decoupaged, and then the full arrangements….