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What’s pink and black white all over?



What’s pink and black and white all over… And is now finished? Samantha’s room!!
Over the past couple of months, I have worked, and on my blog I have written about how we have made fake cupcakes, sewed a cupcake quilt, designed artwork, decorated mirrors, sewed curtains, dressed up her dresser, and painted pink leopard skin walls… All of which have been projects for my 7 year old daughter’s room.
Here is what her room looked like before…



Here is what all of our projects look like put together in her room… I even actually hung the artwork!




I might add a little trim to the top of her shelves, but other than that, it is pretty much done!
I have a few ideas in mind before my next project, but I promised my husband I would wash out the paint trays and brushes first! For those of you who don’t know me, cleaning up after my creativity is not one of my strengths!
By the way, happy valentine’s day!

Pink and black curtains!!


I am really getting close to finishing my daughter’s room…. Which is great because I started decorating it two months ago on the Christmas holidays, and it is now the middle of February! But, I have learned that taking your time is the best way to do things with the least amount of stress… Take your time and have fun!
Today I was lucky enough to have my mom over to help… It was great having some one to consult with about my “complicated” sewing decisions… As I said, my husband is wonderful, but he can only pretend he is interested in my sewing and craft projects for so long…
Here is what the curtains looked like before:

20120211-195855.jpg And here is what they look like now:

20120211-195935.jpg The step in sewing the curtains, was to decide on a design. I had bits and pieces left over from the quilt, and I bought some plain black fabric for the background. As always, I spread out the fabric on the basement floor before starting, to see what it’s going to look like.

20120211-200948.jpg I decided to keep the design of her curtains pretty simple. I figured that after I painted a entire wall of her room pink leopard skin, maybe i should keep the curtains simple.
I cut out rectangular panels from the black fabric. I tried to make them as large as possible, making sure they were a few inches wider than the window on either side. I also cut out the strips of fabric in the pink and in the zebra skin fabric the same width as the black fabric. The first step was to sew together the pink and zebra strips of fabric.


Then, we sewed the strips together with the black fabric to complete the panel. Now for the tricky part…the lining. I splurged on buying some blackout lining, which is a fabric that is designed to block out all of the sunlight. I would highly recommend blackout curtains for any bedroom, they make a huge difference in the summer!
Anyways, because the blackout fabric was more expensive, I didn’t have as much of it to work with. So the width and length of the black fabric was about a foot larger than the lining. We pinned, then sewed down both side seams, without cutting any of the black off, which made the width of the front much more than the back. I hope the pictures will explain.


As you can kind of see, we turned the curtains right sides out and then laid it out flat and pinned down both sides so the black was even on both sides. To add the loops on the top, we turned the raw edges in, pinned in the ribbon loops, then sewed across the top.


To finish the bottom, we turned it up a couple inches and sewed straight across.


Then we used the existing curtain rods to hang them. Thanks to my mom’s help, it went pretty quickly and it was nice to spend the day with her! Thanks mom!