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Encyclopedia flowers….


John took the kids out for the afternoon, so i have had a couple peaceful hours to myself. I got a lot of work done for september, cleaned the house a little, and thought i would try out an idea i had for september…I have a full set of Popular mechanic encyclopedias at home, from the 1960’s, and i also have about three different sets of outdated encyclopedias in the library too. I have just felt too wasteful to throw any of them out, so I have been collecting ideas for recycled paper crafts.

My first project is going to be to try to make some paper flowers. To make these flowers you will need some recycled paper. Newspaper would probably work great. You also need some BBQ skewers, and some masking tape (I used black masking tape)

I started by ripping out a sheet from the encyclopedia, close to the binding.

Then i trimmed the ripped edge so it was neat…

Then, I folded one sheet into thirds lengthwise…

Then I cut into one side of the paper, being careful not to cut all of the way through. I bought these fancy scissors ages ago, and I now finally have a use for them, although normal scissors would work fine here too…

I found some black tape, but masking tape, or florists tape would also work fine too. I taped across the side of the strip that I had not cut, leaving an overhang of tape like this…

Then, I wrapped the tape around a BBQ skewer as tightly as possible…

Like this..

Then. I wrapped the base of the flower and the stem in another layer of the tape to make it look finished…

And that is basically it.

This vase shows five…I wonder how many I need to decorate 8 tables in the library…. I think I might try making some roses too.