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Encyclopedia Flower vases


I am really excited about finally finishing all of my encyclopedia flowers. I made over thirty five flowers, in three different styles, just wait until you see what they look like! But the thing I was missing is a container for them. I didn’t think it would be right to put them in a plain glass vase, so I won’t to the dollar store and found some cool glasses, that were 2 for $1.50… Perfect. All they need now is a little recycled flair! I have just started using Mod Podge, and it is expensive, but a lot of fun!

Materials needed
Old encyclopedias, or recycled books or paper
Vases, or glasses

I decided to make these vases black and white, so i ripped out a few pages that were black and white, then i ripped the paper into smaller pieces, or strips. You can also cut the paper if you want, but i like the ripped look better. To stick the paper to the glass, start by painting the glass with Mod Podge, then stick the paper on top, and paint another layer of the Mod Podge on top to seal it.


I was lucky enough once again to get some help…

We continued until the vases were completely covered. I finished the top and bottom with a cut edge to make it look neater.


Then I decided they looked a little plain, so I cut out some black text boxes, and red hearts, and added two to each vase…


I added a little bit of dry floral foam to each vase, and added my flowers. To finish it off, I covered the floral foam with some shredded paper. They are now ready for display in the library!




Encyclopedia beads


I used to make these paper beads as a kid, so i thought i would try them out again as another project for my encyclopedias.
To make the beads, you need mod podge glue or white glue, paper, and a bbq skewer, and scissors or a knife.

First cut the paper into strips. I decided to cut the all of the strips out of black and white text. But, cutting them out of coloured paper and text is really pretty too. I used a ruler and exacto knife, but cutting with a pair of scissors is fine too, just try to keep your lines straight. You might even want to draw where you are going to cut with a ruler.

I also decided to cut them an even width. If you taper the width of the paper you will get a bead that looks more like the bead on the left side, which looks nice if you are using coloured paper. If you cut the strips straight, they will look more like the bead on the right. I am going to try making the straight cut beads.

Here is my daughter trying out making some beads…

You can use a paintbrush to spread the glue, but i prefer to dip my finger in the glue instead of using a brush because I can control the glue better. I also don’t mind getting sticky and glue all over my hands. (funny, my daughter doesn’t seem to mind either!)
Anyways, spread the glue on the entire length of the paper strip (don’t forget to glue on the wrong side of the paper), but leave the last centimeter with no glue because you don’t want it sticking to the skewer that you will be rolling it around. Then, start by wrapping the unglued end of the strip around the skewer

And continue rolling until the whole paper is wrapped. I like to stop just before the end and add a touch more glue to hold the end so it doesn’t unroll.

Then slide it off the skewer, and start again…

At this point they are cute, but wait until you see them as part of a necklace and earrings!

Encyclopedia daisies


So, in my continued quest to find a use for all of my old encyclopedias, I have just about finished my reycyled flower arrangements for the tables in the library…
Today’s project is how to make encyclopedia daisies.
You need the following materials:
2 sheets of recycled paper
Masking tape (coloured masking tape is the best)
A stick such as a BBQ skewer

The first thing I did was cut the paper. For the center of the flower I cut a narrow strip, and folded it in half so it was about an inch or 2cm wide. Then I notched the opposite side to the fold with a whole bunch of cuts…like this…

Then, to make the petals I cut a strip a little wider, and folded it in half, so it was about 2-3 inches wide. Into the second strip, I also made cuts, but I rounded the edge of one side to make it look like the petals on a daisy. See the picture below of the two parts.

I cut both petals on the folds to make two separate strips.

Then, I used a piece of masking tape to begin rolling the center of the daisy onto the stem, or BBQ skewer…

I rolled both pieces of the center in the same way, then I wrapped the petals


At this point, I like to wrap the stem too, to secure everything in place. Once again, I am just using the same black masking tape… I wish I had green masking tape right now!

The final step is what I call “fluffing”. Basically, you just very gently bend the petals out. For this flower, I very gently use the blade of the scissors, the same way as you would curl ribbon… But you have to be very careful not to rip the petals. Be careful. This gives the daisy a more realistic look, I think. But, your fingernail works too…
Here what the daisy looks like finished…



I’ll post again with the vases I decoupaged, and then the full arrangements….