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Eggs with Bling!


How many posts have I used the word, “bling” in? I should look it up…anyways, it is a great word, and there are so many things you can add a little bling to! Every season or holiday, I find a new project to use my rhinestones for!
So, for Easter I thought, why not add some sparkle to some eggs?
I know this is last minute for Easter, but this really is an easy craft.
You need some of those plastic eggs. I had these cool metallic eggs. You also need some rhinestones, and a hot glue gun.

When my glue gun heated up, I started by gluing a few rhinestones around the seam to glue it shut.

Then, fill up the rest of the space with more! Keep gluing until you have covered the whole egg. I made my first one all out of the same shape and colour of rhinestones.

As I was digging through my pile I started sorting the rhinestones into piles of matching colours.

And I found metallic eggs that were similarly coloured…

So, as I was watching tv last night, I mad a few eggs. I started by using monochromatic colours…

But then I tried a few using different colours, stripes, and I even tried to make one in a flower pattern (although it is almost impossible to see the flowers, it still looks cool.)

Can you see the flowers?

Here they are finished…


Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!