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Making cream puffs with ricotta! Mmmmmmm



A friend of mine at work was kind enough to share her favourite recipe for cream puffs… So I decided to try it out! I am going to show you how to make a cream puff with a ricotta filling.
According to her, the most important ingredient is the ricotta cheese -don’t use the prepackaged stuff you get in the tubs at the grocery store, you get what you pay for! Buy a freshly made ricotta. It is more expensive, but why bother taking the time to bake with it if you are going to use a cheap product.
I started by beating together about a cup and a half of ricotta with a tablespoon of fine sugar, and a few vanilla beans, scraped from the pod.

I put the ricotta filling aside and moved onto the “puff”. Here is a picture of the recipe:

So the recipe says to melt the butter with the water and bring it to a rolling boil.

Then, add the flour with a pinch of salt. This is where my friend told me to follow every word of the recipe. You have to add the whole cup of flour at once, then stir like crazy, while keeping the heat on low for an entire minute! You can see the texture of the dough change by the end of the minute, so this step is important.

Then, you leave the dough to cool down for five minutes, then beat the eggs in one at a time. Note- after this step, the dough became very thick and sticky, it was hard to get it to drop off the spoon.

I spooned out the dough onto the cookie sheets, leaving a few inches between each. There was enough dough to make a dozen.

The recipe said to cook them at 400 for 30 to 35 minutes, but I found they were almost ready after about 15 minutes. After they were golden brown, I took them out of the oven, burned my arm, then sliced a hole in the side to let out of the steam. I put them back into cook for another 3-4 minutes, then took them out.

After they had finished cooking, I took them out of the oven and carefully cut them in half. When they had cooled a little, I spooned in the ricotta filling in the center of each one. Then, to make the icing, I didn’t have any chocolate chips, but, thanks to my secret valentine, I had about 15 Hershey’s kisses, so I tossed them into a pot with a couple tablespoons of water, and about a tablespoon of sugar. I let it cook until the sugar had dissolved, then drizzled it over the tops.


I have to say that these were some of the best tasting cream puffs I have ever had! I had to bring a couple over to my neighbors, and bring a few into work to share, because I knew I could eat the entire dozen myself! Next time I will box them up and mail a few out!