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How to teach your kids to take pills

How to teach your kids to take pills

Dylan has been sick for the last week with stomach cramps, and after several trips to the doctors, X-rays, and ultra sounds, we never found out what was causing the pain. But, the good news is that the pain has slowly gone away on its own and he is feeling much better. What we did learn, is that now that he has turned 12, he should now be taking adult Tylenol, and Advil. Sounds great, but the issue was that all children’s medications are in liquid form or chewable. He has never actually needed to swallow a pill before. 

We went through the same thig a couple months ago after Sam had to take anibiotics in pill form, and let’s just say there was a bit of a learning curve. So, I thought I would share how we did it. 

We started with some tic tacs, rockets candy, and some apple sauce, and apple juice. We started with candy because we learned the hard way with Samantha that learning with real pills isn’t as easy. The pills taste horrible, and much of the pills end up being wasted. The kids were also far more open to swallowing candy! Whatever works, right?    


We started by cutting the Rockets candy into smaller pieces. The Rockets worked well because they can easily break into pieces.  

We started by placing a small piece of candy at a time into a spoonful of apple sauce. The trick is to have them move the candy to the back of their tongue, then swallow. Then wash it down with a gulp of juice.  

We tried a few times, until he felt good about it, then we progressed to a whole tic tac.  

Once we had that mastered, we tried a real pill. It took about ten minutes, and he was good to go! 

The apple sauce worked really well. Yogurt or pudding would also do the trick. It kept the pill or candy in place and made it much easier to swallow. Our next step is to progress to getting rid of the apple sauce and just swallowing the pills with juice or water. 

Anyone else have any tricks that work with kids?