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Bathroom planning


I have been taking about redoing our bathrooms ever since we moved into this house. Every sink in our house is a lovely scallop shape! The best part is the sinks and countertops are all one large piece…so you have to replace the whole thing. Here is what the bathroom looks like now.

I have already scouted out tiles and materials… This is going to be a bathroom Reno on a budget! I am going to use the same fixtures, but I am replacing the sink, countertop, and floor. I am hoping to do this for about $600…
I have already been to Home depot twice today… I got the plumbing stuff I needed, but forgot my wallet, so I had to go back. Fun times.
So, here’s my plan (really roughly planned) that I sketched out to make my calculations…


So, I now know how many tiles I need, I am going to pick them up for tomorrow.
Tonight, or tomorrow morning, I am going to take off the countertop, and install shut off valves. All of our sinks do not have shut off valves, which means to do any work, we have to shut off the water for the entire house. Because this project might take us a couple days, I am going to install compression or shut off valves on the water supply so we can turn the water back on.

I have watched on YouTube how to do it, and it looks really easy… Just cut the pipe and screw on the valve… Easy peasy… Right? We will see. I’ll post pictures as I go.