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Beautiful toilet paper flowers!


It started with tissue paper, then it progressed to Kleenex, now I have resorted to using toilet paper! I feel like I am going down hill… What’s next? What else can I make a flower out of? But, these turn out so nice every time, I just can’t stop myself…see for yourself!
This flower is made out of four sheets of toilet paper and a twist tie!

Here’s how to do it…
Start with four sheets. I used three ply toilet paper with a sort of quilted pattern… But hey, what ever kind you use is up to you!

Fold like a zig zag or accordion and use the twist tie to pinch tightly in the middle

I like the look of a little texture on the petals, so I cut a little scallop on the edges…

Then, pull the layers apart carefully, trying not to rip the sheets…