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How to Train your tree


I have been working on my gardening skills lately, but let me tell you, I am by no means, by any stretch of the imagination a skilled gardener. Nor do I pretend to have any sort of knowledge about plants, or what to plant where. John and I sort of follow a trial and error gardening philosophy. I try planting new plants every year, and whatever doesn’t die by the end of the summer, I buy again (or it comes back on its own).
I tend to try to make up for my lack of gardening skills by adding other features, like little animals, or fancy stepping stones. This way your attention is drawn towards the cute little decorations, not the plants! Last year, I added a dry riverbed to our front garden. Who ever came up with that idea was a genius (no, I can’t take credit, but I love that you can landscape using things other than plants)
Here is what my front garden looks like now: (sorry, don’t know why the second pic is sideways)


Look at the little hippo I found at the dollar store!

Anyways, back to my lack of gardening skills….I’m just going to tell it like it is. Last year at some point, this bush started growing just through the bottom of our fence. So, I just let it grow to see what it would look like…you never know, right?

It turns out that it was actually pretty ugly. But, it also grows incredibly fast. So, I thought why not try to train it to grow in a nicer shape. It is pretty flexible.
So, I pulled out a few scraps of wood I bought for something last year. I think they are bannister railing pieces for a deck. I laid them out and added a couple screws to each corner.


Then I screwed it to the fence using a couple of screws.

I split the branches into two and wired them to the frame. I used some plastic wrapped wire for plants from the dollar store.

Then, after I tied the branches down in a few places, I started getting really creative… I screwed a couple more boards underneath because there was still a lot of branches sticking out.

I tied the branches down, and using my pruners, I cut off any branches that were sticking out or facing the wrong way.

Here is what it looked like after…

The last thing I did was loop the ends together using some more wire.
I think it looks cute! I will post another picture in about a month or so after it has filled in some more. But here is what it looks like now…


If anyone knows what kind of tree or bush this might be, let me know!