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Gardening in the crack!


We have been having a few issues with the retaining walls around our property. All of the walls are the wooden railway ties, and are also quite a few years old. There are places in the wood that it is so decayed that you can literally dig your finger in and scoop it out. There are also other parts where the wall is leaning. We know we need to rip everything out soon, but are trying to hold everything together for a year or two. So this spot beside out pool deck is one of the only places in our backyard that is in full sun for most of the day, so why not use it to plant! The side of our pool deck has has a gap that keeps getting a little bigger every year. I put bricks along the gap so the kids wouldn’t accidentally hurt themselves and fall in…

But by this spring, the gap had widened enough that all of the bricks have fallen in…

In this photo, you can see the gap better…

So what I did was buy some siding at home depot for about 6 dollars for a 12 foot section. I put it beside the wood, to stop the soil from directly touching the wood, and I put it beside the pool deck, to stop the soil from eroding, and edged it with a row of bricks.

Then I filled it with soil…

I planted a few seedlings, as well as a few flowers for colour. It has been about a week, here is what it looks like… I will have to post again in about a month to let you see how it worked out…


I planted sunflowers, cherry and regular tomato, snow peas, beans and I am going to plant carrots, once my seeds grow enough to transplant.
Once again, I have to mention that this wouldn’t be the smartest idea if you were looking to preserve or repair your retaining wall. Putting soil beside wood is only going to speed up the decaying…This is just a temporary fix to fill in a dangerous gap, until we get it fixed in the next year or so… I am thinking that we need to add some built in planters here when we rebuild… And some seating too…I can’t wait to tell john!