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Zebra cake


The most popular thing I have ever posted was the zebra cake I made for Sam’s birthday…
zebra cake

But I wish I had done zebra cake on the inside too! It is really easy and looks pretty cool! Also, the rainbow cake that is all over Pinterest is made with the same technique…maybe I will make us a rainbow cake for gay pride week….Sorry, back to the zebra cake.
After years and years of trying many different cake recipes, I have come to the conclusion that Betty Crocker and Duncan Heinz are just better cooks than me. I know they might not be the healthiest options, but come on, we’re talking about cake here! Who cares if it’s healthy, it just has to taste good, and it saves you time so you can focus on the fun stuff like the icing…or making a zebra pattern. I don’t think there is anyway I would have the time and effort to make this from scratch…But, if making it from scratch works for you, hey, you go girl…or boy…don’t want be stereotypical here, right? Men can make cakes too, right?
So….start by mixing up two batches of cake mix, one chocolate, and one vanilla.

To scoop out the cake mix, you will need two different half cup measuring cups, as long as you put an even amount of each, and you use a different cup for each mix. Get your cake pans ready by spraying them with a little oil. Then start scooping. Gently pour 1/2 cup of the vanilla,

Then, chocolate…

Then keep pouring, alternating chocolate and vanilla until you are out of mix…


Yup, that’s it. Bake in the oven according to the instructions. I have also learned that actually following the recipe and baking times on the box generally works pretty well…who would have thought??
It will look something like this when it comes out of the oven…

Here’s the cool part, check out what it looks like on the inside!!!



I forgot to take a picture when it is actually iced. It looks great with icing!
I really want to try this with different colours of cake…maybe I’ll make John a rainbow cake for his birthday!
By the way, here’s what our backyard looks like right now…it’s a disaster! We are still in the demolition stage of the reno.

Only four more days of school….CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER!!! I love being a teacher!


Samantha’s finished cake


I have had several requests to see what Sam’s finished cake looks like after I reposted the zebra cake base a few days ago. I actually made and wrote about this cake last summer, but for some reason in the last month, it has become one of my most popular posts…
So, here is the original post for how we finished the zebra cake!

So… yesterday was Samantha’s birthday party, so we finished her cake. The theme of her party was build-an-animal (like build-a-bear) so she wanted a cake that matched the theme. This is the sketch of the cake that Sam drew originally…

We made the base in a zebra skin pattern the day before….Check out my last post if you want details on how to make the zebra pattern…

Then we made the animals out of fondant (we made the same stuffed animals we will be making at the party) to do this, we looked on the Internet for pictures of fondant animals, then made a quick sketch…

Here are the animals…I will show you Samantha’s animals in a minute.

Then Dylan and I rolled out a big flat piece of light blue fondant. To make clouds, we rolled little balls of white, the rolled them both together.


We used waxed paper to lift the rolled clouds and cover the top part of the cake. I used some of the leftovers to cover a couple small cupcakes. (I made a separate batch of cupcakes for a couple of the kids coming to the party that are wheat free, gluten free, and dairy free because of allergies.)

Then, for the rainbow, I rolled out a little of each colour into a snake, that was wider at the bottom..

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it after I rolled it out, before I put it on the cake. You will see it on the finished cake.
Then, to cover the seams between the two layers, I thought it could use a bit of grass, I rolled out a strip of green fondant, and snipped a fringe with a pair of scissors…

Then I rolled the ends so they were pointy like grass, and put the whole thing onto the cake…

Then we added the animals and rainbow. Here is the finished cake!



I almost forgot, here is the cake Samantha made for John’s birthday. She decided that she wanted to decorate a cake for John because It was actually his birthday the day of her party, today! Happy birthday john!




Note, if I were to make animals like this again, I would plan to leave them to dry for a couple days before putting them on the cake…I took these pictures right when I finished making them, but by the next morning, because the were still wet, they had all slumped down a little bit…I had to use tooth picks to keep them upright.